p>Our western neighbor is not just an Eldorado for chocolate and art fans. Belgium can be the epitome of luxury: Antwerp is the most crucial center of the worldwide diamond trade. Even though port city in the Flanders region is one of many largest in the united states, its historic center is cozy and tranquil. The perfect place for a vacation is a Luxe vakantiehuis Ardennen. Visit this beautiful city and let the luxurious city hall take on you.

In East Flanders, perhaps you are attracted by the medieval Ghent from your luxury holiday apartment. The city at the confluence of the rivers Leie and Schelde became rich through cloth production. If you choose a luxury holiday home in West Flanders, it’s not far to the sea. Take pleasure in the vastness of the flat polder areas and treat you to ultimately a delicious Belgian waffle on your own walks!

Those who prefer a hilly setting will enjoy a a luxury holiday home in Wallonia. The province in the south of the united states includes the vast part of the High Fens, a moory plateau that merges to the Ardennes. The well-developed cycle path network invites one to cycle tours through the varied low mountain landscape. Walks will also be available. If you’re dining outside of your luxury apartment, try Liege Minced meatballs and obviously, the famous Belgian fries.

If spent your luxury holiday in the northern part of Belgium, you might also plan a trip to Brussels. The capital of the united states can be the seat of the European Parliament and impresses with numerous historic buildings, the Grote Market is known as having its closed baroque front facade together of the very most beautiful squares in Europe.

Huur vakantiehuis Ardennen and enjoy your holidays. You may find the pure culture in Belgium’s major cities. Belgium’s metropolises certainly are a reflection of the country’s turbulent history, testifying both to the wealth of the Hanseatic era and to the conflicts between the Flemish north and the Walloon south. If you wish to get closer to the initial culture of the united states and immerse yourself in its history, you may find a contemporary apartment in major cities such as for example Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent, Liege or in the capital Brussels. The latter supplies a particularly wide variety of holiday accommodation in order that both culture lovers and students that are visiting Brussels for a party trip may find the best apartment on favorable terms.