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There are many things to consider when a business chooses a Quality Consultant and ISO registrar. Some of these factors are both little known and shocking. Daryl Guberman of Guberman-PMC sheds a spotlight on this topic in a hard-hitting new YouTube video.

New York, NY – USA, July 19, 2019 — Guberman-PMC has set the bar very high when it comes to Quality and Manufacturing Consulting and ISO registrar-related services. Unfortunately, many businesses make a very poor choice and rather than going with Guberman-PMC end up falling into the trap of working with a competitor like ANAB. The big problem with this, as recently (and continually) exposed by Daryl Guberman, Founder and CEO of Guberman-PMC, ANAB is affiliated with the IAF who are all led by a Chinese national, and even worse have ties with a long list of anti-American and terrorist-supporting nations. Guberman delivers this information, and more, in his latest video, ìDaryl Guberman-CEO answers a question about the benefits of using G-PMC registrar compared to ANABî (, which is sure to wake up many viewers in the business world.

ìIt’s a shock but a true shock is better than a pleasant lie when we relieve ANAB has ties to some of the evilest nations on the planet Earth,î remarked Guberman. ìWe are talking about not just their Chinese national leader but also Iran, Pakistan, Russia, and just about every ‘conflict mineral’ state you could name. We are talking about a complete lack of pro-American spirit and an association totally void of ethics.î

In addition to these clear issues for any business with even a small love for the United States of working with ANAB or the IAF rather than the patriotic, United States-based Guberman-PMC, which even goes above and beyond to hire veterans whenever possible, the services provided by Guberman-PMC and ANAB are far apart from each other. Guberman-PMC pride themselves as being a phone call, email or text message away seven-days a week, while on the other hand, customers trying to contact ANAB most often get voice mails and long waits for responses. Even Daryl Guberman himself is available every day, including Sunday, for a customer in need. This kind of service is unheard of in the Quality Consulting world, outside of Guberman-PMC.

For companies considering bringing Guberman-PMC on board or making the switch over from ANAB, its recommended to take a few minutes to watch some of Guberman’s videos on the topic and then set up a free phone consultation to see how they can help.

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