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With the start of a new academic year, many students, unfortunately, will have to face one of the biggest problems that fly over the classrooms: the ‘cyberbullying’. While technology has opened up a world of possibilities for young and old, it has also brought with it a new variety of bullying, which has reached the digital scene with photos and threats through mobile phones and computers.

Tips to avoid bullying children on the Internet

The so-called ‘bullying’ through the network is one of the main concerns of parents when their children become small Internet users.

The truth is that this type of harassment of children on the Internet is very frequent. According to a study presented at the annual meeting of Pediatric Academic Societies in Washington, in this country, 16% of high school students have been victims of bullying, one in six in the last year. For this reason, it is essential to follow some advice within the family that prevents children from suffering this problem.

Activate parental control on your devices:

To a large extent, using tools with parental control is practically essential. The reason is none other than to know closely what the child writes in the electronic devices he handles and in addition to knowing his activity in computers, mobiles or tablets. This, which can also be monitored by being close to the child, is made even easier thanks to the technology itself.

5 tips to avoid cyberbullying:

The website offers several tips for parents and relatives, who seek to prevent minors from being victims of this type of aggression in the network:

1. Install programs to monitor youth behavior online and tell children that parents have the responsibility to review their interactions when appropriate.

2. Teach children not to share photos or videos that could cause problems if they are seen by other people, especially strangers.

3. Follow the children in social networks or ask another trusted adult to do so to be aware of their activities.

4. Explain that it is important that they inform their parents if they are victims of cyberbullying so that they can receive help.

5. Contact and consult a good cyberbullying speaker for the further plan of actions.

In this way, it is essential to prevent children from falling into cyberbullying so that parents know their children’s activities on the Internet, both on family computers as well as on mobile phones and tablets, always promoting the good use of new technologies and alerting dangers of misuse. And if needed, do not hesitate to consult bullying speaker.