DVCOMM.IN India’s first online Tech Mall which cater IT & Technology solutions, in a short span of time, has become one of the most accepted online sites for all types of IT, Networking, Innovation & Technology options in the market. It offers unique services like online & Offline tech support across PAN India level within 24hrs.
The portal has been successfully created based on an exhaustive range of suggestions and recommendations from its in-house tech experts, making it accessible to a widely global audience. Its new service now provides instant recommendations from all the genre of Tech domain. It also provides daily recommendations on which new technology entered in India market and how it impacts the tech savvy world.
“We’ve created this extensive platform which caters to the growing need for IT & Technology in Indian scenario. DVCOMM provides tech assistance to help you opt optimal solution as per your requirement. All Online, Completely Free! We are imagining how shopping will happen after 5 years and are trying to create the future NOW,” says Prithvi Rajawat, spokesperson of DVCOMM.IN
DVCOMM has already got more than 1 lakh visits and 5000 registered users. Its multi-dimensional team includes people formerly associated with well-established IT & Networking companies. This assorted flavour of human resource helps the company to cater to any requirement or concern related to the IT Domain.
Every item on the website procured directly from the OEM and properly tested to ensure that it offers flawless service and good value. The store is designed keeping convenience in mind, making shop and shopping accessible in the simplest way – you see, you like, you buy.
For more information please check: www.dvcomm.in