Ecosmob injects technology into IP PBX solution development to propel it ahead as an even better communication tool for enterprises and, with its hosted multi-tenant IP PBX, as a value added service for VoIP service providers.
Ecosmob, global VoIP tech leaders, announced IP PBX solution development services. At a time when IP PBX growth is not as fast as it should be, one may wonder about Ecosmob’s announcement of its foray into the IP PBX segment. However, Ecosmob has more than a few tricks up its sleeve in IP PBX development as the VP elaborated.

It is IP PBX in name but, in effect, it is Unified Communication platform injected with elements of artificial intelligence to improve its features and functions. Starting off with this statement he went on to elaborate that Ecosmob offers customized IP PBX solutions to suit enterprises and their communication models. It is a hosted solution for enterprises and a multi-tenant model is available for enterprises with global operations and for VoIP service providers who can then offer IP PBX as a service.

The core of the IP PBX framework is improved to make it leaner and faster with better cloud based telephony and security features. Wherever there are customizable configuration options we have roped in our AI division to include smartness and machine learning so that the IP PBX, in time, adapts to the environment and delivers better performance. This is one improvement. Then, in terms of UC, it is possible to integrate dynamic IVR, WebRTC, mobility, email, fax and voicemail according to a client’s requirement and then we can add a social media interaction layer, tying it all together in the dashboard so that our users can deliver a better experience to their customers. In addition, this flexible customization yields faster and improved performance in addition to ease of use. Monitoring, deriving intelligence and analyzing calls or records becomes easier. As for the multi-tenant version, it has multi-lingual support and integrated accounting and billing with an integrated payment gateway. There is a control dashboard to set permission levels and there is a user dashboard to configure various options, making our IP PBX versatile, claimed the VP while elaborating on Ecosmob IP PBX solution development features.

“It is not simply about features. Any IP PBX developer can come up with a solution but how we do it that makes all the difference. Ecosmob IP PBX UC solution is modular, scalable, can be adapted to any environment, easy to use and highly configurable. It is to IP PBX what the Rolls Royce is to cars,” said the VP. With this IP PBX an executive can use the system to connect with clients, launch campaigns, funnel inbound calls to agents or to IVR, use it while on the go or collaborate with teams internally or externally. Ecosmob custom IP PBX solution development services can add architect any type of IP PBX according to desired degree of functionality.

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