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17 June 2019, New Delhi: Art Directory India brings to the artisans, realist writers and creators a platform to showcase their talents with ultimate presentation freedom.

Art Directory India is a forum that disseminates information on the latest happenings and news in the world of art and culture through our website.

We are also dedicated to conducting events in the space of public and performing arts. ADI aims to forge new creative strategies and cultural partnerships by curating events, conducting workshops, walks and talks with allied institutions and individuals. Through our special projects, we enhance the visibility and outreach of artistes by promoting and building their social media profiles.

“There are many unidentified talent in the world, and they are thriving to make it. We promote all kinds of talents equally and triumphantly. The team at ADI is growing community of art aficionados, senior writers and former journalists who don’t fear to be experimental and think out-of-the box. Without confining ourselves to boundaries, we believe in exploring, promoting and finding newer ways of using art as an instrument to initiate meaning discourses.”, claims ADI.

Our expertise is to strategize result oriented with great Digital reach, which are business specific and niche in its targeting. ACF web portal (

The portal has Talent Directory Head which includes promotional contents regarding Photographers, Music, Dance, Fine arts and theater is available. The other headers available on the portal are Visual arts- its dropdown consists of News, Art Market News, exhibitions, Galleries, auctions and fairs; Header Architecture and homes consists of Home & Interior column; Performing arts consists of film, music, theater and dance and television dropdowns; Lifestyle includes Books, Jewellery and boxes and autos & boats, under the Fashion header dropdowns designer spotlight, runway, accessories, parties and style guide is available along with a blog header through which any content writer can post their writings and they’ll be provided with viewers attention.

ADI avails a platform for the artists to display their work online as well as offline to an authentic customer group. Actively used portal has space for every budding artist out there and we give them the spotlight that they desire to have!

We have managed to hold top position in Search Engine Google ranking result pages when a user looks for anything related to art culture, lifestyle perforce art and allied fields which helps us prove our credibility in the marketing field. Our prominent readership is from the elite audience like members of gymkhana club, golf clubs, corporate, banking, HNI industry and trade. Our portal helps you in branding exposure targeted audience, industry recognition and sponsorship

We are efficient, friendly and always working on fulfilling all your requests. We will be more than happy with the quality of work and the audience that you can reach with us.