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Buying a new shipping container could be expensive; so most people go for used ones. However, you should be sure about the working condition of a used container.

23rd July 2019: Given the huge price difference between new containers and used ones, a majority of traders opt for the latter. However, while hiring used event kiosk shipping containers, it is essential to evaluate its specific working conditions. For the right shipping container hire, it is important to consider aspects such as exterior inspection, delivery fees and the analysis of the interior.

The following are the top three points to consider while hiring a used container.

1. Check the Exterior

First and foremost, you should take a close look at the conditions of the exterior. For instance, check the paint conditions, casting and corner seals. As far as the sides are concerned, make sure to look for possible dents due to corrosion.

So far as used specialised containers are concerned, check the overall structural contours of the container. Also, do consider the aesthetic side too.

2. Check the Interiors

As far as the interiors are concerned, check the hinges, locks, gaskets and seals. Apart from that, look for the presence of any mouldy smell inside the box. If yes, it is most likely the consequence of leakage.

Check whether or not the container is watertight. The best way to check is to see whether sunlight enters the shut container. It should be completely black inside; if not, it is an indication of the presence of dents and cracks.
Also, check the floor and the roof of the container. Keep in mind that floors of used containers are chemically treated, so ask the seller about the treatment done for the event kiosk shipping containers.

3. Inquire About Guarantees

Having examined the technicalities of the container, you need to inquire into the guarantees. For instance, you need to know what happens if the container you asked for fails to reach you. Also, what happens if leakages crop in the middle of service?

It is essential to gauge the trustworthiness of the concerned supplier to secure the most viable used specialised containers.


As mentioned at the outset, expensive containers tend to put traders off. Consequently, the demand for used containers is on the rise. A critical examination of used containers is all the more important.