At a Glance!
Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce
Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

In the daily chaos of life, people always look for a smart and simple way to enjoy all the comfort in this modern world. Be it in the way of decorating your home interiors or adding a place to relax. For fulfilling the needs in every aspect, Wooden Street brings a wide range of ‘Swing Chairs’.

Swing chairs can offer everything you want in your home. With this furniture unit, one can easily enjoy all the comfort, revamp the look of interiors and spend some alone time with nature. From traditionally carved one to a simple design, this online furniture store ranges swing chairs in different varieties to suit every space.

Wooden Street provides a wide range of swing chairs which provides beautiful looks and peaceful place to relax. This online furniture store offers the facility for customers to tailor the wooden furniture units based on their desires, style, and comfort. Also, these qualities make Wooden Street, India’s No.1 Custom online furniture store.

In this column of swing chairs today, have a look at various advantages of this unit:

Health Benefits: A Boost in Your Overall Health

Swing Chair has many health benefits. To decrease your anxiety and mood disorder after a hectic schedule of the day, these are useful. It provides support to the body and allows blood to flow to all body parts, thus allowing your body to become active.

Outdoor Furniture: Exposure to Nature

We have lost touch with nature, as human beings, we are living in an era of over-booked schedules. To get relief from the busy schedule, it is important to spend some time with nature. A perfect idea to relax is, to sit on your swing chair and admire nature’s eternal beauty. Being surrounded by nature can give you a break from your everyday busy schedule.

Yoga and Meditation: Art of Concentration

You can even practice yoga and meditation in your wooden swing chair. These provide you with mental discipline by which your general health gets to improve. It helps to concentration while you work.
Instead of sitting on the floor for yoga, the swing chair provides you a comfortable seat. Therefore, your body gets flexible, relaxed and balanced.

Attractive Features: Stylish and Appealing

With health benefits, this wooden jhoola is the focal point of your home. The stylish designs of jhoola will bring a modern touch to your garden. The swing chairs change the overall look of a house. These are available in various designs and finishes to enhance the look of your open space and make you feel comfortable.


Wooden swing chairs make the interiors of your home more captivating and comfortable at the same time. From wooden ones to the upholstered ones, the choices for swing chairs at Wooden Street are endless and simply amazing.

Along with this, every swing chair is crafted from solid hardwood such as Sheesham and Mango. This both kinds of hardwood imparts sturdiness, durability and desired appearance perfectly. You can also avail the customization facility to tailor other furniture units on the basis of your desires and requirements. All you have to do is, describe your own desires and let Wooden Street do the wonders for you.