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The best material for modular kitchen cabinet.
1. Base material – MDF, HDF, WPC, BWR plywood and BWP (marine plywood).
Here MDF is medium density material and its cheaper from other. HDF is high-density fibre it is moisture, heat and termite resistant. BWR is boiling water resistant, BWP boiling waterproof. And WPC is Wood-plastic composites it are completely water and termite-proof. Each of these materials has its own strength and weaknesses too. First, we must always discuss a little more to know that is the best for your modular kitchen has primarily 2 sections –
1. Platform section
2. the upper section ( wall section )
1. Platform section is your main working area was a sink, cooktop and your other appliances exist. So there is a lot of chances of water and termite can damage your modular kitchen cabinet. So here you have to always go for waterproof material for your cabinets base material. Then you can choose any type of finishing laminates as per your choice. I suggest you that you can go for BWP plywood or HDF. This material is fully waterproof additionally as high strength. And gives more grips to screw so less problematic for long-term use.

2. The upper section fewer chances of water damage because it is just hanged on the wall. So, it’s up to you what you like for these.

2. Finishing- Here is a lot of options available in the market so you can go as per your choice and budget is-
Sun-mica laminate, PVC laminates and acrylic laminate. Veneer laminates, PU painted shutters back painted glass shutter. Membrane shutter and post form shutter. If you want a durable and affordable material. Then sun-mica laminated shutter with HDF/marine(BWP) plywood base. And four side PVC edge banding shutter are good for you this is durable in nature and good looking too. Others are little bit high in costing.

3. Fitting- Always go for a Good branded fitting for no hassle in long-term use. There are some good brands, I recommend you – Hettich, Sleek, Hafele, Rafael and many other good brands fittings available in the market. Thanks for reading Delhi Modular Kitchen.