An average person has to see many of his trusted and loved friends and family members pass away throughout his or her life. For those of you who have lost someone really close to them; you already know just how devastating that blow is. But, for those of you who have been fortunate enough to avoid such a loss up till now, below is a brief description of what it’s like.

Losing Someone you Love

Our friends who have been making Bronze memorials for decades and have come across all kinds of deaths shed some light on what it feels like when you lose someone you love. Firstly, the moment you hear the news of their passing, your mind will completely reject the news (especially if the death was unexpected or sudden).

Eventually, you do embrace the fact that your loved one is not with you anymore and this is the moment when you’re hit with completely uncontrollable emotions of sadness. Your mind starts racing through old memories reminding you why you loved them so much and it becomes difficult to hold back the tears. You remain in this state until the funeral.
Then, our Bronze headstones</a< making friends tell us, you’re hit with depression. You’ll miss your friend/family member severely and due to the sadness you just give up on everything else. Work, family and cores; you’ll start avoiding everything and your days will be spent on thinking about your loved one, how you could’ve tried to save them and how empty your life is without them.

At this point, some people head down a dangerous path and start blaming themselves for not doing more and sooner than you know, this blame turns into anger. They feel angry at themselves, at everyone else and especially at their loved one for dying.

Getting through the pain of losing a loved one

Blaming yourself for your loved one’s death and giving up on everything in your life are two of the worst decisions that anyone could make after they’ve lost someone close. Getting through the pain takes a long fight but that is the only proper way to deal with such a loss.

Our Bronze marker making friends tell us that there are a few things that are proven to help people get through the pain and heal faster. Here are some of the most effective ones;

Don’t lock up your feelings inside

It’s absolutely okay if you don’t feel like talking when going through such a loss and it is also completely okay if you don’t want to tell close friends and family every single detail regarding how you’re feeling but, you must tell something. You don’t have to talk to everyone, just one or two close friends will be more than enough.

Tell them how you’re feeling, what kind of things are going through your mind, how much you’re missing your loved one, etc.

Don’t let the pain overpower you

Our Bronze grave markers making friends say that the most important thing is to not let the pain completely overpower you. Small things like doing the chores, taking care of any other family members, maintaining your hygiene and even going on a walk can really help you figure things out and get through the pain.