When you are considering coating the outside of walls of your home or any other building in a render, there are several different types of render available, made up of different component parts.

UK Spray Rendering Ltd has no fewer than eleven branches in England and Wales and can provide a choice of different renders for particular situations.

A traditional type of render is cement render and this normally mixed on site in a cement mixer. It is applied in two or three coats, the first, and if applicable second coat, being called scratch coats because they are applied fairly thickly and then scratched, or scored, to provide a good key for the next coat. The top coat is applied more thinly and is smooth so that it is ready for painting. However, it can also be given a decorative texture if desired.

Cement render does have the advantage of the materials being cheap, but since two or three coats will be required, costs more in terms of labour than some other renders. It also has a tendency to crack if the building should move at all, and of course it does require regular repainting if it is going to keep looking good.

Acrylic render has acrylic resin added to it. This is a type of plastic and it has the effect of making the render totally impervious to water or staining. It is also impermeable, meaning that it cannot be used on a wall which needs to breathe. It is usually supplied ready mixed in tubs and comes in a choice of colours.

An acrylic render can usually be applied in just one coat and this can either be hand trowelled or can be sprayed on. When you factor in the costs of the material and the labour costs, acrylic render is probably the cheapest type of render.

Flexible synthetic silicone render is one that has synthetic silicone added to it and has several advantages. It can be applied in any choice of thickness and a single coat can provide a wall with protection for up to 50 years. It is also highly weather resistant so is ideal for use in exposed areas and on the coast. Being semi-permeable, it can be used on walls that are liable to suffer from condensation internally.

Other renders that are supplied by the company include Greuraso base-coat render, monocouche render, and K render.

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UK Spray Rendering Ltd is one of the largest suppliers and installers of external wall rendering in England and Wales and has eleven branches.

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