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With increasing washes and by improper use of laundry detergent, clothing loses its fluffy soft surface over time. The result is hard and stiff laundry that feels uncomfortable on the skin. Laundry and dry cleaning near me will show you why laundry becomes hard and stiff and what causes the so-called dry rigidity.

Nothing is more unpleasant than hard, scratchy and rough laundry on our skin.

When new, clothing is often velvety soft and nestles wonderfully. But the pleasant feeling of wear gives way over time to an unpleasant one.

This is the case when our laundry feels scratchy and hard after drying. We also know this phenomenon from initially fluffy towels whose fabric has become stiff and rough. At least then we should be attentive because hard and stiff laundry does not have to be. We explain the cause and how to avoid scratchy and smoky laundry.

What causes can be hard and scratchy laundry?

Hard and stiff laundry can have very different causes. Basically, the phenomenon is explained quite simply. In the water from the tap and thus also in the washing water of the washing machine are different ingredients. Lime deposits thus reach our clothes after every wash. Depending on how high the lime content in the hardness water is, the stiffer the laundry can be after drying. However, the correct dosage of detergent can largely prevent this.

The fabric consists of many small fibers, which stand upright and thus give us a cuddly soft feeling. In this context, laundry is tossed back and forth in the drum during the wash cycle, and various garments are placed on top of each other and pressed together.

Loose fibers are flattened and fall. If we hang laundry to dry, this condition solidifies and the result is hard and stiff laundry. But detergent residues can also promote this phenomenon.

Washing for beginners:

These mistakes should be avoided when washing:

The following mistakes can cause laundry to feel uncomfortably rough and hard after washing and drying. The most important factors here are the correct detergent dosage, the loading of the washing machine and the drying process.

Too few detergents:

Detergent contains water-softening substances. They ensure that the water softens with a strong degree of hardness, i.e. high lime content. If we use too little detergent, the water cannot be sufficiently softened. The result is hard and stiff laundry after drying.

The solution is obvious – Depending on the washing temperature and the number of clothes to be washed, we should follow the dosage recommendations on the packaging to use the appropriate amount of detergent.

Hope these tips offered by laundry and dry cleaning near me will be helpful to you.