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If you are interested in China Gate Valve you can choose from two different types: parallel gate valve and the wedge gate valve. The first one can be used with valves that have parallel valve seats. There are numerous designs available on the market that are designed to ensure that there is optimum sealing between the disks and the seats. The wedge gate valve can be classified as follows: solid wedge, flexible wedge and split wedge. The solid one is the most popular because of its simple design and its strength. This type of valve performs great in any position and it can be used with most types of fluid.

The flexible wedge should be used with steam systems because of its flexibility, while the split one is recommended for systems that have non-condensing gases and liquids. Before you start your search for the China Gate Valve it is important to establish how you intend to use it in the piping system. There are several aspects you should pay attention to in order to choose the best valve for your application. It is important to understand the application requirements of the valves and to pay attention to the valve specifications to ensure they meet your needs.

The most important aspect in the selection process is the attributes of the valve. You should pay attention to performance specification such as size or pressure, to the valve type, the valve construction materials, the actuation type and the media handled by the valve. When you choose the valve type you should pay attention to flow control, function and valve operation. The design of most valves is meant to change the flow rate during operation. China Globe Valve is known for its good throttling capabilities.

Moving on, we should not forget to mention that for applications that handle powders, granules or bulk materials it is best to use a valve for solids. The configuration and technology of solid valves is different compared to that of liquid flow control valves. Valves can be classified according to the media that flows through them such as hydraulic valves, water valves, gas valves, steam valves, air valves, solids valves and vacuum valves. The performance, materials and attributes vary according to the media type used.

The selection of the valve sizing is an essential aspect. Other factors you should consider when you search for China Globe Valve are maximum pressure, number of ports, regulating pressure and media temperature. If your valve is not properly sized it will lead to operating problems within the valve and they will impact the performance. Next, we should not forget about the valve body material; when you choose the material you should take into consideration the media flowing through the valve, the surrounding environment and future maintenance.

With corrosive media such as chemicals, acids, process wastewater it is a must to use corrosion resistant materials. When the media is a liquid-solid mix you will need erosion resistant material, while high pressure media requires a high strength alloy. It is best to opt for corrosion resistant materials even when the valves deal with media such as air, hydraulic oil or inert gases for this will reduce future maintenance cost. A corrosion resistant material will provide an optimum performance in many applications for many years to come. Last but not least we should not forget about the availability of seals, packing, seats and other valve replacement parts when selecting the ideal valve for your application.

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