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It is good to be conscious about your health and all those who are looking for one such clinic in California, United States that supports their health shall find worth reading this information. Annie Osborn, a renowned as well as experienced Natural medicine practitioner, medical intuitive, acupuncturist, health educator and fitness advocate who is the founder of Annies’s Rejuvenation Clinic. The clinic is located in Sebastopol, Sonoma County, CA, United States and is one of the unique clinics that follow integrative wellness approach to support health and natural states of vibrancy. Annie has been associated with her profession 30 years, as for the last 20 years she has been practicing holistic medicine. To know more about the clinic and how Annie can help in treating different health problems to help you achieve fitness goals you can visit the website

Homeopathy is an energy medicine and the clinic makes use of it in different ways to help the patients that makes the clinic to be a highly recognizable homeopathy Sebastopol clinic option. The clinic offers other services and treatments like natural hormone balancing, functional endocrinology, acupuncture, women’s health, clinical nutrition, natural medicine, liver function optimization, thyroid metabolism, detoxification, stress reduction, adrenal fatigue, brain mood optimization, digestive health, weight loss in natural way, men’s health, infertility/pre-conception, allergies/immunity, bio-energetic therapies, applied kinesiology and much more.

The clinic offers allergy and immunity Sonoma County treatment that supports the body’s defense mechanisms. You can even find treatment for your digestive health, stress, thyroid and other health issues. The only aim of the clinic is to help patients overcome their health problems rapidly, and live a healthy life.

All those who are looking for the best thyroid natural treatment Santa Rosa services may approach this clinic to support natural healing. You can schedule the appointments online, or in case of further queries contact the clinic via email or free phone mini consultation: 707-494-8606

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Company: Natural Medicine Practitioner
Address: 435 Petaluma Ave, Suite 120 Sebastopol, CA 95472
Phone: 707 494 8606