July 21, 2019 – Toronto, Canada. –
Konzortia Capital, a holding organization of a fintech consortium, is putting forth a suite of new computerized applications that assures to blaze a trail in money-related services. InveStart, Capitalista and NovaBank will enable new and other companies to play out a wide range of monetary exchanges, trade fiat money and digital equities, through physical locations or cross-platform applications across a single proprietary framework. Organizations of many kinds, sizes and businesses around the world, will be able to collect their funding needs through the creation of their New Asset Class (NAC), make all trades needed, exchange the required currencies from a single platform and investors can withdraw their investment quickly and continue to make their money work for them. All of this will be done using the equity type of Konzortia Capital, a new asset class named Koura.
InveStart – Is an equity-based crowdfunding platform that will permit any organization from any place on the planet to obtain capital. This procedure where companies make Koura-based equities on InveStart is called the New Asset Offering (NAO) and it’s fundamentally the same process by which companies go public in an initial public offering (IPO), these securities at that point can be traded for other NAC, Koura, or fiduciary money anytime using NovaBank.
Capitalista – In a monetary domain where quality services are only available to wealthy investors, our palpable uniqueness comes by providing performance-based managed accounts and subscription-based trading signals, carried out by expert in-house traders while offering trading accounts at a near zero expense. At long last giving experienced investors and amateurs the effective means to exploit each venture opportunity and really bring profitable returns. All in a global index (NAO Index) including all organizations with successful NAOs from InveStart alongside conventional equities, for clients to trade almost all existing liquid assets. Available through a network marketing franchising system where members can offer every one of their services to the public, Capitalista wagers on scalability to achieve ideal market penetration.
NovaBank – A platform that will function as the next banking generation, with highlights such as money transfer services, payment processors, virtual wallets, credit cards, Koura payment processing for traders, and a complete messaging application with maps showing local businesses that accept Koura payment near the user, together with those functioning as official Novabank franchises. Users can exchange Koura, fiat money, or any NAC equity in NovaBank, rapidly, securely, and productively, anywhere in the world.
The process itself is very easy: organizations and companies collect funding on InveStart and exchange their NACs for Koura or fiat money within NovaBank, which will expedite exchanges, money transfer services and turning banking accessible to everyone worldwide, whether online or offline. Furthermore, all equities are to be exchanged in the OTC index (over the counter) at the Capitalista -NAO Index-, which will use network marketing to attract all kind of investors and offer high-quality services. The advanced Blockchain technology will be at the forefront and center on every platform.
Konzortia Capital’s private offer will allow investors the unique opportunity to participate in an extremely profitable and liquid instrument from the fintech company that’s shaking the industry.
For more information on this investment window, please visit https://konzortia.capital