New rideshare app for a more secure travel option for women. RideBoom will expand the business outside Australia.

RideBoom is a unique rideshare app, currently operating in Australia and the app allows clients to choose the driver according to the gender. By that, the clients are able to get a female driver if they intend to. RideBoom will also offer its expertise in providing the most convenient rideshare facilities across Australia. On the other hand, RideBoom will also expand its business outside Australia very soon.

RideBoom is available both for Android and iOS phones. As an app that allows users to select the gender of the driver, RideBoom has a solid intention to provide the best service in the business while the service is available for everyone.

Lately, the news always stated that women are an excellent target on scam especially when it comes to online-based rideshare app. In order to overcome that issue, RideBoom provides a feature that allows users to have a more secure travel option for women and men too.

The gender selection option provided by RideBoom is a major step to confront acceptance for those who do not self-identify as male or female as well. By choosing a certain driver preference, only drivers with the match preference would receive the trips. Meanwhile, by choosing No Preference driver, the rider would get any nearby driver without looking out for their gender.

RideBoom ensures that both riders and drivers would get the advantages at the most. The benefits for riders include no surge pricing, secure authentication, affordable delivery service, auto fare estimate, SMS notifications and alerts, choosing the preferred drivers, and hidden mobile numbers.

RideBoom also offers interesting fees for its partner driver. The driver earning is high plus many extra features include one app for the entire area, get paid for cancellation jobs, advance bookings, life-long incentives, secure features, building a customer base, and flexible work hours.

“Our intention is to create a service-based business that also listens to all parties such as passengers, partner drivers, and communities we serve in order to make the best product in the business,” said Harry Malhi, the CEO & Founder of RideBoom. “ RideBoom will expand the business fast and soon. We are also going to launch its app outside Australia.”

“RideBoom will always continue to create and improve our technology to make the safest rides available for all users,” said Alex, the Melbourne Operations Manager.

Until today, RideBoom is the first rideshare app that enables the feature of choosing a driver based on gender for more secure riding experience.

About RideBoom

RideBoom is a hassle-free ridesharing booking app for taxi and a car with a wide range of hire taxis and cars to offer. Located in Australia, RideBoom will expand the business outside the country very soon.

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