Blaauwberg Group is one of the leading meat processing companies in South Africa, the company was established in 1979. They are widely known for their high-quality meat products. The company has been able to create a long-term trading partnership with businesses in a variety of industries which include exporting, shipping, restaurants, hotels and retail industries.

Products and Services Offered by Blaauwberg Group:

1. Meat Wholesale – The company supplies wholesale products to caters, retailers, butcheries and exporters. They offer a lot of benefits to their clients, as the one-stop-shop for wholesale products. It offers short lead times, constant stock and ensures complete hygiene in all processes.

2. Meat Specialities – Blaauwberg Group offers a wide range of speciality meats which include cold meats, traditional smoked meats and value-added meat products. All the products are prepared in a traditional manner. The products include smoked sausages, salamis, hams, fresh sausages, bacon, various steak cuts, brawns, chicken products, beef, lamb and pork cuts.

3. Cold Storage – Blaauwberg Group owns a commercial cold storage facility which caters to the frozen food industry, especially in the Western Cape region. Their cold storage facility is very close to the Cape Town City Centre, the N7 National Highway and Cape Town Harbour. Their facility has a storage capacity of 2000 tons. The cold storage facility offers storage facilities for several products which include meat, fruit, dairy and poultry.

4. Abattoirs – Blaauwberg Group has a lamb and mutton abattoir located in Beaufort West, in the heart of the Karoo. There is a large farming area and the feedlot capacity has a capacity of 12000 lambs. The company services clients in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban.

5. Namibian Meat Producer – The Abattoir is in the Kalahari region and can process more than 1200 lambs a day. This is an export approved abattoir, they supply products to the Namibian and South African beef, mutton and lamb market.

Meats Products Supplied to The Sectors:
The company supplies their meat products to various sectors, which includes the hospitality sector, retail establishments, government departments and wholesale agents. They serve more than 200 businesses all over South Africa.

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About the Company:
Blaauwberg Meat Group started operating in 1979. Now, they have become the industry leader with several farms, abattoirs, feedlots, cold storage facilities and their own fleet of delivery trucks. They produce high-quality meat products and offer them at a competitive price to their clients.

30 Stella Rd, Montague gardens
Cape Town, South Africa, 7441
Tel: + 27 (0) 21 551 7711