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Global bicycle giant Hero Cycles has tied up with leading women’s organization Inner Wheel India to make bicycles available to a large number of women from poor socio economic backgrounds, in an effort to empower them socially and open more educational or economic opportunities for them.

As part of the initiative, as many as 264 Hero Empress cycles were distributed to women and young girls from marginalized backgrounds who stand to benefit from the increased mobility and independence owning a bicycle provides. The event called “TAAL” was organized at the Gaur International School, Greater Noida in the presence of National Representative of Innerwheel India Ms. Mamta Gupta.

“There is enough evidence that owning a bicycle empowers women significantly. We have seen how making cycles available to girls helped Bihar reduce its female dropout rates in schools while empowering them significantly. Owning a bicycle gives girls a faster alternative to walking and a cheaper alternative to public transport. This allows them greater freedom to move and helps them reach their destinations (schools/workplaces) faster. We are very happy to have partnered in this unique endeavor by Inner Wheel,” says Mr. Pankaj M Munjal, Chairman & Managing Director, HMC, a Hero Motors Company.

Innerwheel is the largest all-women organizations represented in 109 countries. Inner Wheel India focuses heavily on rural outreach programs to help raise the standard of living for women in backward villages in the periphery of Delhi/NCR.

“Inner Wheel is not merely an organization, it is a group of women united by sisterhood across boundaries. Through our rural outreach programs, we aim to bring about a positive difference in the lives of women from poor socio economic backgrounds. For a lot of such women, owning a bicycle can make a dramatic difference in their daily lives. Not only does it open new work opportunities for them by giving them an easy mode of transport but also allow them to be safe from harassment faced on the roads and boost their self confidence & esteem,” said Ms. Mamta Gupta, National Representative of Innerwheel India.