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Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce
Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

A kitchen looks fascinating only when it is neatly organized, and all the crockery and the essentials are kept perfectly. So, here kitchen wardrobes play a key role. But when it comes to enhancing the appeal of the kitchen, the design of the kitchen wardrobe also comes into the picture.

Wooden Street has therefore initiated kitchen wardrobes with the most marvelous designs. From variations in sizes to variants in features to the uniqueness of designs, Wooden Street has thought of all with its instigation of kitchen wardrobe designs.

Each of the kitchen wardrobes is forged out of Sheesham wood. The kitchen wardrobe designs are further enhanced with the finishes of honey, teak, walnut, and mahogany finish.

The diversity of the catalog of kitchen wardrobes with its designs is forged in a way that each of them have something different to offer for the kitchen. Example of it is right below with some of the kitchen wardrobes designs that are elaborated right below:

Farmhouse Kitchen wardrobe Design

A farmhouse kitchen wardrobe design is one that is pretty much casual in appeal. The patterns and intricacy upon it make it a pick even for an open kitchen, farmhouse kitchen, or even an outdoor kitchen.

One such kitchen wardrobe design is Loren kitchen wardrobe from Wooden Street. This kitchen wardrobe is with a cross pattern over the entire furniture that gives it a rustic appeal. So, a perfect kitchen wardrobe design for the unusual kitchens.

Standard Kitchen Wardrobe Design

A standard sized kitchen wardrobe design is one that is ideal for every kitchen. The size is a match for all, and the design is generally contemporary that never gets outdated.
Markel kitchen wardrobe from Wooden Street is one such example of it. This kitchen wardrobe is a two-door wardrobe that is forged with curio design over it. Tall two doors with curio design give a good showcase with ample storage.

Low Height Kitchen Wardrobe Design

Low height kitchen wardrobe designs are no less than a kitchen island that you can gift to your kitchen. These kitchen wardrobes are those with a small height but with sufficient storage area.

Exemplary to it is Earnville kitchen wardrobe from Wooden Street. This is a low height kitchen wardrobe design with a wardrobe at one side, another wardrobe at the other and a drawer at the top. This is what that makes it a fantastic kitchen wardrobe design that can be an island when placed in the middle because of its small height.

Single Door Kitchen Wardrobe Design

Single door kitchen wardrobe design is tall vertical furniture with the design that can embellish even the corner of a small kitchen.

For instance, Wooden Street has a kitchen wardrobe design like Martin single door wardrobe. This is a one door kitchen wardrobe with curio design above and an opaque segment below. So, one gets to store an array even in the minimalist space in the kitchen.

Table Kitchen Wardrobe Design

Wardrobe with another wardrobe and a table along are all that one can describe a table kitchen wardrobe design.
Consider the example of Darius kitchen wardrobe from Wooden Street. This kitchen wardrobe is divided into two wardrobes at the top and the bottom while there is a table with drawers in between the two wardrobes, which makes it entirely multifunctional.

These are some of the kitchen wardrobe designs that are tremendous in variety and terrific in its functions. The list also has much more to offer within its range of kitchen wardrobes.
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