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A lead dentist in Bright Whites Dental Dr. Brigitte White Zivkovic gives her best to provide top smile tips for all parts of life on her blog
’Bring your smile into full bloom’ is a well-known motto of dental experts employed in Bright White Dental.
Bright Whites Dental pays special attention to cosmetic dentistry in Virginia. It involves procedures aimed at optimizing and enhancing a patient’s smile. There are dental bonding techniques or white fillings which easily restore the esthetic value of the problematic teeth. Also, there are Invisalign® clear braces used as a virtually invisible way to straighten teeth. Bright Whites Dental does a minimal tooth reduction or none at all when porcelain veneers are bonded to teeth to get an effective esthetic result with patients.
Teeth Whitening in Franconia VA is performed in Bright Whites Dental. Enamel is bleached using peroxide containing teeth whiteners. Blue light activates these agents during the teeth whitening treatment in the office. However, teeth whitening gels prescribed by Bright Whites Dental team can be placed in customized dental trays and applied at home.
Bright Whites Dental is nested in Franconia VA, just minutes from Springfield Mall, and major highways, 95, 495 and 395. It provides a wide array of services including, Root Canals, Extractions, Veneers and Teeth Whitening.