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“Carpe diem” is a term which means seize the day or moment, it is the perfect phase you’ll go through every moment in Manali. Manali is a little village with full of life. Exploring Manali would give you and your partner goosebumps and fill you with joy. Though there’s is a fine line between tourists and travellers, if you belong to the tourist category you will definitely enjoy Manali but not like the traveller. Manali is all about exploring it’s every corner with your partner and there’s a place called old Manali. If you visit old Manali with your partner and that place would make you fall in love with their culture and with your partner as well.

If you’re choosing Manali for your honeymoon destination, you are making a wise choice indeed. This is the best place for love birds and enjoying the very first after marriage days with your partner. As Manali isn’t your hometown, you should be choosing your stay wisely as comfort is the main key to be deeply in love. The River Crescent resort is the best one among the best ones.

This hotel is located in the mall road of Manali and it has various types of rooms to choose from. Though for honeymoon purpose you should choose according to your partner and make them feel more important.

They have facilities like free wifi, complimentary meals and what about a spa with a mesmerising view of mountain?.. they’ll arrange that for you and your partner to make your honeymoon more luxurious.

Well, the budget also matters. But river Crescent resort has a varied range of rooms starting from just 2000 INR. You will get a few options and choose a room according to your budget and enjoy your honeymoon at river Crescent resort and stay in love.