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With the constant revisions to the tax system and several other factors affecting taxation, it may be hard for small businesses to keep up and prepare their taxes. But, at Figureweave Accountancy, small businesses can get reliable tax preparation services.

[COULSDON, 11/07/19] – The government typically announces changes in the tax system in the Autumn Budget of the current year and those take effect in April of the following year. There are key changes that happen every new tax year, some of which can be difficult for private individuals and business owners, alike, to understand.

Failure to understand the intricacies of the tax system can lead to the wrongful filing of taxes. When that happens, the HMRC can charge interest on late taxes and other possible penalties.

Small businesses in Surrey and South London need not stress about preparing accurate tax returns themselves, especially in the absence of an accountant on staff. Figureweave Accountancy’s tax preparation service is the answer to every business’ tax return concerns.

Accurate and Reliable Tax Preparation

Owned and operated by Frances Conn, an accountant and a member of the Association of Taxation Technicians, Figureweave Accountancy’s tax preparation service lifts the burden of taxation from small business owners.

The firm starts by preparing a business’ accounts, as necessary. This is then followed by dealing with tax returns, including looking at what can be claimed against tax for a client’s particular business.

Apart from that, Figureweave Accountancy also works with individuals filing for Self-Assessment tax returns. This process can be tricky since individuals who do their own taxes can make errors, leading to the filing of incorrect tax returns. When this happens, the HMRC can charge them with different penalties.

By working with Frances Conn at Figureweave Accountancy, small business owners can ensure that they are filing accurate taxes. What’s more, the firm can help small businesses claim as much back from their tax bills as possible.

Figureweave Accountancy specialises in tax preparation for sole traders, partnerships and limited companies. By working with Frances Conn and her firm, small businesses can get tax preparations out of their way and focus on their operations, instead.

About Figureweave Accountancy

Frances Conn, through her accounting firm Figureweave Accountancy, has helped local businesses in Surrey and South London take control of their business through her accountancy and tax services. The firm works with small business, startups and individuals by giving them reliable accounting, bookkeeping and taxation services they need.

For more about their services, contact Figureweave Accountancy today.