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Louisville is set to warm up even more towards the end of the 21st century. This coming summer may prove to be difficult for the city’s forests and landscapes. As such, U.S. Lawns offers professional irrigation services to help business owners keep their landscapes adequately hydrated.

[LOUISVILLE, 7/10/2019] – The city of Louisville is no stranger to major drought events. In August 2007, it set 12 record warm temperatures, with an average of 77 degrees Fahrenheit, according to the National Weather Service’s (NWS) article on the city’s hottest days. This kind of temperature caused a drought that seriously harmed the city’s forests and lawns.

Now that summer is almost here, U.S. Lawns, a commercial landscaping service provider, offers professional irrigation services to business owners who want to keep their greenery hydrated and healthy.

The Kentucky Heat
While 2018 was the wettest year for Louisville, according to the city’s local news station WFPL, it may be set on a course to warm up once more. The latest climate report on Kentucky by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) National Centers for Environmental Information said that the state is set for unprecedented warming towards the end of the 21st century because of increasing heatwave intensity. As such, droughts are likely to occur in the area.

This trend was previously evident when Louisville had an average temperature of 85 degrees for the whole year of 2007. The NWS also stated that there were 67 days that temps were at 90 degrees or warmer. Furthermore, an Environmental Protection Agency paper called “What Climate Change Means for Kentucky” found that the factors like natural cycles and sulfates that protect the area from harsh sunlight are slowly declining, which puts the state in danger of severe droughts.

Professional Irrigation Services
To combat these droughts, commercial property owners and managers in East Louisville should have a top-notch sprinkler system now that summer is on its way. U.S. Lawns works closely with its customers to provide a cost-effective irrigation management program that adjusts to the area’s weather. The company’s irrigation experts are trained in utilizing the existing landscape’s natural assets, like using mulch to keep the soil cool. This allows businesses to save on water, energy, and their landscaping budget.

When it comes to keeping landscapes pristine and hydrated, U.S. Lawns is always ready to serve its customers in Louisville. The company also provides services and solutions in nearby towns like Crestwood, Fern Creek, Hurstbourne, and St. Matthews.

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