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There are very few industries in the markets of late that are creating the same waves that the cannabis industry is. After showing investors what the industry could do last year with over $11 billion in global legal sales last year, analysts are predicting that by 2020, sales figures will more than quadruple, which for any sane investor is something they simply cannot ignore.
Ex Canopy growth CEO Bruce Linton has said there is one cannabis company that he is keeping a close eye on, and Canopy Growth is not it, now although the company is a spin-off from Canopy Growth, Linton knows that the company can hold its own in the industry.

Although to many people following the cannabis industry it will not come as a shock, Bruce Linton suggests that Cannabis investors consider looking into Canopy Rivers, an off shoot of Canopy growth that deals in venture capital. At the time of writing this, Canopy Rivers have made 17 investments into private companies and public companies alike, which are valued at $221.3 million CAD. A large portion of this value is generated from the 13% holding Rivers have in Ontario based TerrAscend, who are focused on cannabis cultivation and retail. In addition to their holdings in cultivation companies, Canopy Rivers also have investments in genetics companies, beverage producers, formulators and much more.

The great thing about Canopy Rivers from an investment stand point, is that their business model has relatively low costs. With the one exception of share based compensation, which has been the company’s highest expense, and is relative to the high levels throughout a large portion of the cannabis industry. Based on their current performance, Canopy Rivers seems to have a clear path ahead of them, to bring in a very respectable earnings report through 2020 and beyond. Now although Linton is no longer affiliated with Canopy Growth anymore, he does have a certain bias toward suggesting Canopy Rivers. Linton was the CEO for Canopy Growth for years before this spin off came to light, however Canopy Rivers do share a great relationship with their mother company, having access to its distribution networks, and also cash flow if needed.

Graham Bates – IEC International