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New Delhi: Rocking Deals, which is the largest CERTIFIED REFURBISHED and EXCESS INVENTORY BRAND in ASIA. Rocking Deals is the safest and most trusted place to buy secondary products with a comprehensive quality-check process, expert product knowledge, and unparalleled customer focus. Rocking Deals has built over the years a reputation for selling genuine products and getting the best deals to their customers. E-commerce companies have explained the reasons for losses; showing the need to develop an Indian e-commerce model.

In the Indian scenario, which is exactly the reverse, mom & pop fragmented retailers make 90% of the Indian retail trade with the balance is split between online and modern retail. These small retailers are extremely low on overheads. Run by the owners themselves, pay relatively lower costs in rentals compared to malls, are low on headcount, work under highly flexible margins and trade in real-time which means they carry fewer inventories. They don’t have any online presence and bear no overheads in digitizing and maintaining online inventory.

Echoing the fact, Mr. Yuvraj Aman Singh, CEO, Rocking Deals says that “India is fundamentally a different retail market when compared to the USA! The USA has been a consolidated large-format modern retail market for decades now, with few leaders in every category. On the other hand, Indian retail is run by more than 12 million mom & pop stores! This is an evident difference which can’t be ignored,” said

The need to develop the operation of the Indian e-commerce online business model seems to have seemed to be a must. By which 1.2 million retailers have the opportunity to avail this and they can reach the online buyers without spending any more. At the same time, more jobs can be created and every participant dependent on the retail industry gets the opportunity to make profits.

Mr. Yuvraj Aman Singh also believes, “Instead of doing a “cut & paste” of the retail model from western countries, India needs to evolve it’s very own online commerce model which enables the 12 million+ retailers to step up the value chain and reach out to online buyers without incurring significant overheads. We need a model which helps create more jobs and bring value to add to every stakeholder dependent on the retail industry, and not just a few who are deeply funded by international investors and can burn money at free will!”

Online trading of physical retail market e-commerce website in India is very costly because 90% of male and pop stores in India are occupied with retail markets, which work much lower margins than e-commerce. At the same time, FDI cannot be an operator vendor of market place according to the guidelines on multiband retail.