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ICE Factor is the experiential marketing agency which reaches customers of all industries using eye-catching and innovative marketing solutions. They design every experiential marketing campaign to offer the best experience to your consumers, thus providing the best ROI to your clients.

They can encourage consumers to take some action. They can take that to the streets as well as offer excellent branded entertainment and guerrilla marketing simulations. We know people and we know how to provide personal memorable experiences.

With the arrival of the internet as well as a decline in print sales, has provided the opportunities for a huge proportion of viewing audience to evade advertising, opposing the properties of mass media advertising completely. For this situation, Guerrilla Marketing is absolutely vital for all marketing organizations who want to evolve in today’s quickly-evolving era of public awareness.

The main objective of their Guerrilla Marketing services is to become cost-effective because the business economy changes to the authenticities of today’s post-credit-crunch world. Employing marketers and flyer printing costs a lot lower than business production and purchasing air time. With a focus on smaller and more dedicated targeted groups as well as not purchasing costly media advertising, your marketing campaigns could be organized at a minimum cost with more customary mass-media approaches.

About Us

Being an experiential marketing agency, ICE Factor reaches the consumers in all industries using eye-catching and innovative marketing solutions. All experiential marketing campaigns are designed to offer the best experience to your consumers, thus yielding the full returns for our clients. In case, you want to connect brands and consumers, encourage action, generate a buzz, interact with the targeted market, make product awareness or a product launch, or a communicating nationwide tour, ICE Factor is the best solution for you.

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