Very few tourist places offer something for every unique requirement and Morocco is one such place. You may be interested in architecture, history, ancient buildings, food, beautiful sceneries, culture or anything else. Morocco is a place that will not disappoint any tourist irrespective of his specific preferences. This is a place which can by visited all through the year and there are absolutely no restrictions due to seasonal changes. Situated in the city of Casablanca, Sun Trails arranges for 4×4 Morocco tours that is tailor made specially for you according to your needs. You can be rest assured that you can expect something that is beyond your expectations. Sun Trails is expert in providing you with a one-of-a-kind travel experience while you are in Morocco and you are definitely going to cherish those wonderful moments for the rest of your life. You can have a private visit to the medina behind locked doors along with a local university teacher. You can not only enjoy the tasty food at medina’s food circuit but can also attend cooking class to learn how to make the local delicacies to perfection. You can enjoy a hot cup of tea along with the nomads that are present on the deserted plateaus of the Anti-Atlas.

Another thing that is worth experiencing is the flight over the snowy peaks of 4000 meters high peaks in a private four seated plane. You will land next to the dunes of the Sahara which is an experience of lifetime. You will spend a night in your own private Bedouin tent. The place is totally immersed in pin drop silence and you can have a peaceful night all through. Other things of interest include the rock engravings of the Bronze age and the Berber Igoudars of the eighth century. Most of the families in the villages stock their barley and wheat in fortresses that are unreachable. Sun Trails also conducts day trips from Marrakech for tourists. Marrakech is a place that has several places of interest including art galleries that can visited along with a local artist. The palm grove is an excellent place to roam around. The famous and also ingenious khettara irrigation system provides you with ample opportunity to learn more about their ancient technology. Just visit Sun Trails and you can be rest assured of getting the best package that suits your budget as well as your requirement. You will not be disappointed.

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