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Korck Components is a wood component manufacturing company in South Africa. Established in 2009, by two brothers named Grant and Deon Africa. They deal with all sorts of woodturning work ranging from wholesale upholstery to custom-made wooden products. They assist their clients by turning their vision into a reality when it comes to bespoke or custom-made wooden furniture.

The company follows a specific design and development procedure in order to maintain their high-quality product reputation. The designers, architects and carpenters work as a team to produce high-quality wooden components to serve various industries. They ideate their initial concept, prepare detailed drawings and design a prototype as well.

Components They Deal With:
Bespoke or custom-made: The company employs several professionals, who have a proper understanding of the principles of carpentry. They are dedicated to creating wooden furniture as per the specific requirements of their customers. The professional team provides special attention to the development process of the bespoke items.

Boutique: Korck Components has a contract-based manufacturing service for specific clients, who want a specific range of items made. Most of their boutique customers are either small business owners or distributors. These components are created with extreme care, by keeping in mind of the client’s requirements. Several boutique hotels, boutique shops and guest houses are enlisted in the clientele of this company.

Wholesale: Although wholesale products are made in large volumes, the quality is always maintained. In addition, wholesale products are made under extreme care and look exactly like the specifically designed products. The design, quality of wood, colour, finish, and attention to detail aspects make all their pieces high-quality. Most of their wholesale clients are renowned retailers, who manufacture indoor and outdoor furniture and supply upholstery. Korck Components strive to take care of their market specific needs.

Other Components: Apart from these products, the company also do architectural applications, art and sculptural pieces, carved pieces and many other pieces.

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About the Company:
Korck Components has maintained their reputation of high-quality products and good relationships with their existing clientele. From 2016, it has become part of the KORCK group of companies and now works in a wider range by servicing various parts of the industry as specialist wood contractors. Apart from improving their service and product quality, they also aim to offer products at competitive costs.

Reyger Street, Ndabeni, Cape Town
7405, Western Cape, South Africa
Tel: +27 21 511 7693