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Australian based company FindMyLeak came up with their new website after serving more than 100 homeowners in their local area – Brisbane. They are reaching out their business to entire Queensland but still, they feel there are a lot of People unaware about the leak detection service in Brisbane and Gold Coast areas that can help them save a lot of money from water damage.

One of the major causes of damage to property in history has been water leakage, resulting from pipes, fittings and plumbing fixtures. Early detection of the problem prevents possible damages, though the detection stands out to be a challenge. It often takes the right professional, equipped with the right resources to detect and mend the leak. Possessing the right equipment is also crucial in order to effectively detect the leak.

Water spreads to areas invisible to the naked eye, an effective thermal scan can actually image the hidden leak and flow. We use the infrared thermal technology for water leak detection Brisbane which is effective for places such as concrete cement. Thermal technology is the inclusion of infrared camera, which captures images and videos, particularly categorized as thermal imaging science. The process goes as such where the plumber is equipped with a special camera that is capable of presenting the damage caused or the radiation effect, often in a thermographic print image.

The technology often works in daylight as well as moonlight as the technology is mainly focused on the energy emitted by the object. The change in temperatures as a result of the emission of the energy, in this case, water, is detected in the thermal imaging.

How does it work?

The leak is not always visible to the naked eye, but the evidence such as stains, bubbling paint or mold or references to the damage caused. Immediate action is required to prevent damage from water. Our services start from detecting the possible leak and the thermal technology used by us can reach any surfaces including gyprock, timber walls, ceiling, showers, cupboards, heated floor and more.

We check the affected area using the camera which identifies the moisture, backed up with Extech moisture meter for the precision and a meter long waterproof gooseneck attached to a video borescope to gain access to places which are almost impossible to reach. The entire process wouldn’t consume more than 20 minutes, and we would be present to you the cause of the leak and the damage already caused.

We have experienced manpower who are capable enough to detect the leak. It takes in a lot of effort to know the ways of detecting as this field is a specialization in itself. The process adopted by our employees is known as thermography which is a technical method wherein information is collected in order to detect the leakages caused to residences and commercial properties. We provide an assurance of leak detection, for this method is deemed to produce positive results.

The next step is the essential treatment of the affected area. We often consider it our responsibility to amend the issue out self and provide a solution for leak detection Brisbane. But if the damage is out of our reach, we would get you in contact with the traders who possess the expertise in this area.

FindMyLeak provides leak detection service in Brisbane, Queensland, Gold Coast, furnished with the qualified and experienced personnel, leak detection equipment and affordable prices. They have recently launched their website and reaching out maximum people in their local areas.

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