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Hands of Tibet is a family owned business that offers a unique range of Tibetan Mala, Bracelet, Prayer Flags, Singing Bowl, Buddhist products and ritual items for happiness, compassion, health, strength and wisdom. Whether you are interested to know about Buddhist spiritual approach for your spiritual needs, check out our blog at!! We hope our posts will help in your everyday life, integrating some peace, humor, and mindfulness into your everyday life and facilities some history, tips, and ideas about how to use our products.

At Hands of Tibet, we offer an extensive range of Tibetan products including 108 Buddha Beads Mala, Chakra Bracelets, Chakra Singing Bowl, Sandalwood Bead Bracelet, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Wood Bracelet, Wrist Mala Bracelets, Yak Bone Beads Mala, Pendant, Rings, Prayer Scarves, handmade paper products and more. Prayer flags bring peace and success. Prayer Flags are written with auspicious symbols, invocations, prayers, and mantras. These flags are genuine, the cloth and the print with prayers are authentic.

We not only sell meditations ritual items, but we also manufacture beautiful, unique design meditation mala, bracelets and home d├ęcor tapestry, wall hanging, prayer flags, singing bowls, wooden products, carpets, scrolls, Thangka paintings and prayer wheels. We provide Tibetan, Nepali and Balinese families with a living wages. We offer customers handmade goods and top quality artwork. The main objective behind our products is to finish the negativity in the world and to generate joy and happiness. If you want to buy traditional and miracle Tibetan products, today take a look at!!