A self-directed is a type of two major retirement investment accounts called Traditional IRA and Roth IRA. The self-directed means an account that accepts multiple investment methods. This plan allows the investors to make investment in any kind of alternative assets such as real estate, private properties, tax lien certificates etc.

Alternative Investment Options
Anyone can set up a self-directed IRA account with the help of a custodian. The investment options in this account are very large. List of few assets one can invest with the help of self-directed IRA are Real estate, Precious metals, Intellectual properties, Hedge funds, Crowd funding, Mortgages, Stocks, Structured settlements and Tax Lien Certificate. Also there are some prohibited investments are there in this account. They are Collectibles such as Rugs, Antiques, Gems, Stamps, Coins etc. and Stock.

Contributions in Self-directed IRA
The contributions for a self-directed IRA account cannot exceed the maximum limit of 6000 dollars for who their age has less than 50. For the people who are above age 50, an additional amount of 1000 dollars is added with the maximum limit. So, the maximum limit for older investor is 7000 dollars. In the year 2018, the maximum limit was 5,500 for below 50 age and 6,500 for investor who has 50 or older.

How to set up a Self-directed IRA Account?
A self-directed IRA account is the most preferred account for investors for its diversified investment options. Unlike other retirement account types, the investor can decide the investment decisions and take whole control of the account. It is the only account where one can do investment in multiple accounts at same time. So, to setting up an account the best to get assist is an expert IRA network. Consult with your friends and relatives to get one best trustee, read online reviews of the company and then set up an account without any difficulties. Sprout IRA is one of the prominent self-directed IRA account provider who helps many investors like you in setting up an account, managing the complicated process and moving old accounts to new IRA accounts. To know more details about the company or to set up a self-directed IRA account, visit their website at https://sproutira.com/

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