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Prior to selecting a headpiece it is a good idea to have an idea of how you would like to wear your hair: up, down or in between.


The possibilities with updo styles are endless. There are so many variations that can be achieved with this look, you can keep it simple or go for more elaborate styles that incorporate braids, twists and curls.

Wedding Hair Accessories for Updos:

Small Hair Combs
Bun Wraps
Large Hairpins
Small Hairpins (dispersed throughout the style)
Down and loose

Wearing your hair down doesn’t mean it has to be a boring everyday look. Loose tussled curls can be swept to one side with smaller wedding hair accessories or hair can be pushed away from the face completely with a headband.

Wedding Headpieces for Loose Styles:

Hair Combs
Bridal Headbands
In between

If you can’t decide between wearing your hair down or up, wear both. Half-up and half-down hair provide great versatility, giving you the polished look of an updo as well as free-flowing locks. Nearly any bridal hair accessory works well with this style.

Hair Accessories for Half-up Styles:

Bridal Headbands
Bridal Hair Combs
Short Cuts

Brides with short hair will want to have a highly styled do’, otherwise you’ll risk looking too casual. If you want a full style and can’t grow your hair out in time for the ceremony, hair extensions are a simple solution.

Bridal Headpieces for Short Hair:

wedding Hair pin
Bridal Combs
If you’re still undecided you can always wear an updo for the ceremony and let it loose prior to the reception for a more casual look.