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The Geraghty provides the ideal venue for different occasions and events, including birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, corporate parties, promotional parties and so on. The place boasts of 25,000 square feet of open space, ensuring that even if the host invites large numbers of guests, all will feel comfortable and relaxed in the expansive space. Other specifications of The Geraghty include 22’ ceilings throughout, and overall LED wall to wall lighting. The space also provides a VIP green room with a private restroom. This means that there are special arrangements for VIP guests who need complete privacy.

There is an in-house liquor license, which means that the hosts will not have to get prior permission for liquor consumption. The main catering area boasts high-end facilities, including plenty of space, a private restroom, refrigerator, power, icemaker and water.

If you are looking for the best corporate event venue in chicago for your next corporate party, you do not have to look further than The Geraghty! The venue is expansive, and offers beautiful settings and a grand area.

The best part about booking The Geraghty is that the venue is centrally located. Typically, the problem with most of the venues is their location. Large numbers of venues are situated in places where it is extremely difficult to get to. Public transportation is rarely available and people have to use their own vehicles to reach the destination. But The Geraghty promises the best location, and people will have no difficulty in reaching the venue or finding a public transportation. To book the top chicago venue for corporate events, customers can easily call or email the representatives of The Geraghty and ensure a quick and easy booking!

About The Geraghty

The Geraghty is the brainchild of Tom Kehoe, who has honored his mother Mickey Geraghty Kehoe in creating the space. She was the one who gave him his lifelong inspiration to have the best event venue in Chicago. The space is designed by industry visionaries and is the result of the mastery of their craft. The Geraghty was designed for being absolutely customizable and for inspiring innovation. Additionally, the venue allows event designers to create their own mesmerizing experiences, and all with flawless execution. The testimonials of dozens of satisfied customers speak volumes about the venue. Visit to see the space, look through the gallery and plan your next fantastic event.

Contact Us:

The Geraghty
Address: 2520 S Hoyne Ave, Chicago, IL 60608, USA
Phone: +1 312-967-2520