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Shivali Arora’s featured collection just got bigger with some stunning new arrivals.

New Delhi, India, 5 July, 2019

Fashion is a matter of personal taste, and that’s what makes it such an interesting thing. Some designers give their buyers the rare possibility to express their style and personality with their outfits. Shivali Arora is one such designer who fashions clothes to not just dazzle, but to give wearers a chance to find freedom of expression through them. An established fashion designer in Delhi who has shown great promises in designing, Shivali Arora has gained popularity within a very short time. Her fashion collection is an interesting blend of ethnic and Western styles.

Shivali Arora owns a store at Defence Colony where she exhibits all her outfits in a plush showroom. However, her collection is also available to check out and order at Her collection which is growing bigger and bigger by the day currently features haute couture numbers that are selling like hot cakes among the fashionistas of Delhi. Her Chandrakanta collection which she launched last year is still going hot among her buyers. There are still a few pieces from that collection which is selling on demand.

That apart, her collection includes some very classy and catchy numbers. In most of her creations, traditional romances with modern, which is something that is hard to pass up on. Her outfits have a flirty appear, but all the same they are heavy on tradition. Long skirts trailing the floor, body hugging bodice with plunging necklines and scooped shoulders, her outfits are truly remarkable in style. The fabrics Arora uses to tailor her clothes too are exceptional. In that she uses light flowing, fluffy materials for the skirts which she dots with sequins and trinkets to dial up the glamor quotient. Chintzy, stiff, gorgeous materials make the bodice stand out. The material holds the shape of the body while giving it a corset fitting.

Lehengas are a specialty of Shivali Arora, but her saree collection is out of the world. Thousands of women buy bridal saree online in Delhi from her e-store. Like her lehengas, her sarees too are classy and ritzy. A dash of sequins and glitters, embroidery works, etc. characterize her sarees. In sarees, she offers many choices in materials. Chiffon, crepe, silk, cotton, her collection carries sarees of all kinds. Some are comfortable everyday wear, while others are tailored for festive occasions. Although dressy ethic wears is what she specializes in, Arora also establishes herself as a distinguished designer of Western clothing.

Her collection features a Western section where one can find dazzling cocktail dresses, prom dresses and gowns that are hard to find anywhere else in the country. Her haute couture section is the priciest, and for good reasons. All featured collections are available at her store and online. All items on display can be ordered online. Products are shipped to addresses locally and outside.

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