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Whether it is for unique corporate events which is quite unusual from other parties or any other large get together event, Swing Patrol has swing dance entertainment packages for all kinds of requirements to help you create a unique event. Swing Patrol offers the best entertainment packages so that you can now hire them for corporate events, office parties, weddings and birthday parties. Swing Patrol comes up with a lot of packages in entertainment that include amazing swing dance performances, beginner dance classes and swing era DJs. All of them are totally customized or tailor made for your specific event. It does not matter whether you are creating a Great Gatsby party entertainment with Great Gatsby dancers or looking at a Gangster or Blitz theme. If you are just looking for something that is a bit different, Swing Patrol is the right choice for you as they love challenges. Swing Patrol also adds vintage themed, swing dancing entertainment in case you have liking for vintage themes. The swing dance entertainment is full of fun and energy and is for all ages and abilities. Be it any outdoor event or festival, you can rely on Swing Patrol for the best entertainment package. The experienced team of Swing Patrol which conducts summer festivals every year is always full of different ideas to make the event a thing to remember for ever.

The team also conducts secret garden parties, Love Supreme, Wilderness, Somersault and many more thematic parties that totally entertains the crowd. It also does not matter whether the event is a small one or a large one. Budget limitations are not a constraint. The packages are definitely going to please you and your guests. Swing Patrol also has special packages for award ceremonies and product launches. Surprisingly, swing dance classes also make a great team building activity, creativity and communications. The team bonding grows stronger as the partners are swapped throughout the fun and friendly lessons and thereby forces everyone to come out of their comfort zone as they can learn something new together. All that Swing Patrol needs is an uncarpeted space that is enough for everyone to move and dance freely and a way to play music which the company would provide. Swing Patrol promises that there will not be any guest who will go out of the venue without smiling. The events are open to everyone and one need not be an expert to jump into it.

Swingpatrol offer a range of swing dance entertainment packages for Great Gatsby party entertainment and Great Gatsby dancers to create unique corporate events designed to suit you and your guests. Get more information, Logon to our website @

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