Properly designed drainage systems are important to maintain proper sanitation in any community. It segregates the waste and unhygienic matter below the ground, and leads them to an appropriate outlet. But maintaining a drainage system has its own set of challenges. Huge storms can cause drainage to overflow with water, or solid blockages can create obstruction if they are not cleaned regularly. So it is essential to manage the proper functioning of a drainage system and prevent the waste waters from arising to the surface.

Dry Wells and their role in Storm water management

Huge rainfalls are storms often lead to the overflowing of drainage. Runoff water flowing into streets can be cause much inconvenience, and it is also very unhygienic. To prevent the excessive runoff, dry wells are used in storm water management. Dry well is a long pit or pipe that is underground, with various small holes or perforations on its walls and bottom. When heavy storm leads to runoff water, the excess water flows into the dry wells and gets absorbed by the surrounding soil through the perforations.

Since a dry well does not have any filtration system, solid wastes and items can also enter into it along with running water. Over time, those items get collected inside the dry well, blocking its perforations. So they should be inspected and cleaned regularly. When a clogged dry well is detected in your area and nearby surrounding, you will have to get professional services for Dry Well Maintenance in Long Island.

Manholes and their maintenance is important for sewage systems

Sewage systems are responsible for keeping solid and liquid wastes away from us. As the waste products flow underground in the sewers, the upper surrounding remains clean and healthy. Sewers contain a lot of different types of waste, and some can cling on to the pipes or get accumulated in a certain location. This can cause blockage in the sewer pipe, which, if left unattainable, will cause the dirty fluids in the sewer pipes to slow emerge to surface levels.

Manholes are openings that allow access to underground sewage systems. They are big enough to let a man pass through, which is how it got its name ‘manhole’. Since sewage not need to be inspected and cleaned regularly, so many waste management companies provide Man Hole Cleaning Service Long Island. These services work actively to maintain the clean and proper functioning sewers to preserve the sanitation of the surrounding.

Both dry wells and man holes serve two different functions in overall drainage management. Dry wells prevent water from clogging an running off onto the surface, while manholes are necessary to provide humans and equipment’s access into underground sewers. They both are important aspects of a proper drainage and sewage system.

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