At a Glance!
Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce
Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture
A shoe rack is a must in every home and is found in every home. But depending upon the space, the aura and the culture of the place, the design of the shoe rack furniture differs. Take an example of a city like Bangalore, which is said to be a modern city where most of the population tend to live in apartments with a small foyer.
So, Wooden Street has brought the assortments of shoe racks in the store of Bangalore with furniture that is completely ideal for housing like that in Bangalore.
Each of the shoe racks from the Bangalore collection is forged out of sheesham wood and mango wood. There are options of honey, teak, walnut and mahogany finish with each of the sheesham wood and mango wood shoe racks so that one can pick the furniture that contrasts well with the abode.
The designs of the shoe racks in Bangalore collection of Wooden Street are available with different patterns embossed or carved upon it. Some shoe racks are with intricate floral patterns, some are horizontally slated, while some are painted with wooden grain pattern upon it.
All the designs of shoe racks in Bangalore collection of Wooden Street are different in designs from each other.
Below is mentioned how:
2 Door Shoe Rack
For those who aspire for a standard size of a shoe rack which gives sufficient space inside and is comfy for a small foyer as well, then nothing can be as good as a medium sized two door shoe rack.
Just like Wooden Street has Velvic Footwear Rack With Drawers in its Bangalore collection. This shoe rack is with designer doors that make it eye-catching, along with it there also drawers below that are spacious. Moreover, it is the standard size that makes it fit for any household.
Pull Out Shoe Rack
These are undoubtedly among the most modish designs of shoe racks. It looks like completely sleek furniture which opens out to be a broad and spacious arc from inside. The arc is where the shoes can be most neatly organized.
Wooden Street in its Bangalore Collection has one such shoe rack like Ferron shoe rack. It is tall, thin but opens out to be extremely broad and spacious.
Shelf Shoe Rack
This is the soberest and budget-friendly shoe rack. All it takes is shelves that are arranged in a wooden frame.
Exemplary to it is Fender shoe rack from Wooden Street’s Bangalore collection. This shoe rack has two broad shelves with round handles at the two sides so that it can be easily lifted and shifted.
The catalogue with so many designs does not end here as there are shoe racks with benches, two adjoining cupboards and much more voguish furniture among the range of shoe racks in Bangalore collection of Wooden Street. However, Wooden Street also gives easy “customization” services so that one can get the furniture trimmed so that it fixes the best in their home.
For further information, you can contact Wooden Street at 91-9314444747 to serve you 24*7.