Lagos, July 2019: Mimie Jay, a renowned Makeup Artist, Blogger, YouTuber and Social Media Influencer based in Lagos, has released an e-book on how to do Makeup. It is best suited for amateurs trying their hand on makeup. Through her blogs and YouTube channel, Mimie Jay sheds light on makeup, fashion, faith and lifestyle.

The e-book gives insights on makeup in general, makeup glossary, common makeup tools and their uses, and also practical video examples. The e-book will be updated at times, the author has the right to update the e-book based on new information. The e-book is not intended to replace any professional advice or training pertaining to this subject.

No matter what makeup one choose or what hairstyle one adopts, the exploration of new beauty trends never ends. A little help is always appreciated when it comes to beauty. It is at this juncture that bloggers like Mimie Jay who hold good expertise in makeup come to the rescue. Through her articulated blogs and detailed video tutorials, a person who is new to makeup can easily master the art.

Mimie Jay has made a name for herself in the beauty and cosmetics community in Nigeria. Learning the art of makeup and beauty is especially useful when one learn it from a professional like Mimie Jay. Through her blogs and videos, Mimie Jay explains her great prowess in the field of beauty and cosmetics.

Through her well-presented blog, she presents topics on what most amateur stylists face. Mimie Jay is always spot on, her beauty tips allows amateur beauticians to improve their skills. Through her work, one gets to know more on Nigerian makeup tutorial blogs. One can subscribe the e-book by providing your mail id at the website