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When you move into a house for the first time, it is customary to conduct the house warming ceremony. This is an auspicious deed done to appease the gods and make the family blessed using a wooden temple. At times, the house may have negative energy either due to the past inhabitants or due to a curse on the land on which the house was built. In these cases, it is necessary to conduct puja using the wooden temple to cleanse the house.

Make a house blessed

Also known as house clearing or house cleansing, house blessing is intended to protect the inmates of the house from misfortune. In Hinduism, a cow is led through all the rooms of the house and the milk of the cow is boiled. One can get the Wooden Temple in Saharanpur for your worship. A priest will chant mantras and abhisheka is performed to Lord Ganesha murti. This is done to bring prosperity to the family members, bless their work, and make them wealthy.

The beauty of wooden articles

Most of the Hindu homes have a shrine called the wooden temple where they worship the gods and perform the pujas. This is because they do not have enough space in their houses for a separate puja room. The prayer beads and the aarti lamp are a must for worship. Also, a beautiful puja set consisting of the thali, bell, and diva lamp will be present. The wood chosen is teak wood and, in some instances, sheesham.

One image of a god such as Krishna or Ganesha is present in the temple. The next important item is the incense holder and incense. Water is offered to the god as a sign of respect. Usually, it is offered on a spoon so it is easy to imbibe. And, as a sign of devotion, they will make a paste of kumkum and apply it to the forehead of the god images. All this takes place in the temple placed in the puja room. Buy your Wooden Temple in Saharanpur from the best suppliers to get the best quality.

Deterioration and preservation of wooden artifacts

It is common for insects to feed on wooden objects and destroy them. This is why the god images and the temple are made of teak wood. The insects will not be able to destroy this. Another thing that can cause damage is the fungus. This also eats the wood making it rotten. Fungus grows in damp environments when you do not clean the images and the temple daily.

Offering prasad to the gods

It is a custom to offer food and fruit to the gods after the prayers. This is for the gods to bless. Afterwards, the worshipper will take this prasad and eat it. This will help them become prosperous and guard their health.

Conducting timely pujas will help all the people of the house live in a peaceful manner. It helps block the negative energy that could bring sorrow and block progress. This is a custom practised from the olden days since Vedic times beginning in the 2nd century BC.