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So your roof has moss and lichen all over it and you don’t know what to do , yes lets look for advice on the net that’s normally the first thing even older people like me do now, but its always going to be conflicting and oh nooo we are back to square one again.
Well fear not can help you decide what to do , firstly will you do it yourself or hire a company to do it ?
If heights are no problem for and you have the proper access equipment i.e roofing ladders etc and good insurance then you might stand a chance to do it yourself , it is hard and dirty work and you may damage tiles or slates if you are not careful and comfortable working on the roof .
Jet spray or by hand?
I can only go by what we do at and by what we know works the best , the reasons we do it by hand are these .
1 / By hand its not going to introduce water into the roof space unlike some companies do that use jet washing , some firms use a specialist cleaning machine the works under a lower pressure and the results can vary from good to bad ,we don’t take chances.
2/ when your doing it by hand you are more inclined to notice any tiles or slate that have very small cracks in them or damage to cement etc and by not jet washing you are not making the roof worse by introducing pressure and force to push out perfectly good cement work.
3/ It wont damage the tiles or slate if the right tools are used to remove the moss and lichen and once sprayed with anti fungal will look great and be protected for years.
4/Gallons of water wont go over all your lovely patio and windows and walls and on a sunny day you can put your washing out instead of having to do it again.
5/it wont force all the moss to go in the gutters and clog up the down pipes , maybe some companies will block the down pipes first but it will overflow the guttering causing more clean up time and potential mishaps.
6/ It is safer than jet washing as holding a lance from the ridge could have more potential health and safety risks than working from a hand cleaning position .
Does it make a difference?
Yes it does as over time the moss etc can obviously get worse and when wet holds the water , we have seen the results of bad moss and it can help in the ingress of water , blocks gutters and valleys and lifts tiles and slates .
You may have no roofing problems but just like the property to look nice and clean , people think nothing of looking after their car and yearly service and m.o.t it but when it comes to the most valuable asset we have don’t spend any money on the outside until a problem occurs and have found leaks that other roofing companies couldn’t solve by removing the greenery on the roof in many cases.
So to sum up if its bad whether you have a go yourself or hire a company to do it ,the positives
moss blocking the valleysmoss blocking the valleys
moss clogging up the roof valleys
out weigh the negatives and it will definitely put years on the roof and look beautiful too.
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