Winntus, a Delhi based company that offers shuttering and scaffolding products in north India now opens shop in Vijaywada, Andhra Pradesh.

Delhi, India, 30th June, 2019

Builders all over the world rely on quality props to build massive constructions from ground up. Scaffolding and shuttering are two of the key props in building architectures. In India, these products are available for rent at a small price. They are supplied by companies that offer such accessories on rent. One of the companies that has the biggest inventory of shuttering and scaffolding products is Winntus. Based in Delhi, Winntus has grown from a small shop-size business to an industry leader that has a solid national presence. Now a major company that gives scaffolding on rent,, the company is fast becoming a favorite of construction moguls.
Based in Delhi, the company currently has branches in 7 other big metropolises, namely Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai, Bangalore, Raipur, Kolkata and now Vijaywada. Vijaywada is the second city in Andhra Pradesh where Winntus has a branch. With its focus set on southern states, it is not hard to tell that the company has expansion plans in that direction. Andhra Pradesh has always been a huge market for Winntus what with big construction giants operating in the cities of AP constructing towering architectures. The demand in that part of India has peaked on account of the recent developmental spurt and the company has timed its entry to make the most of that.
After setting up shop in Hyderabad, the company scanned grounds trying to find prospective market in the state. Vijaywada with its future prospects and ongoing development was the perfect market, ripe to claim at this point. Owner, Mr. D. P. Goel decided to go right in and claim a share of the market. A branch was soon set up at Old Toll Gate. Business has already started to flow in with the branch now all hands deep in arranging the inventory and attending to clients. It is a no-brainer that Winntus will soon emerge as one of the most prominent suppliers of rental column formwork,, scaffolding and other props in the city.
Currently, Winntus offers a large variety of shutting and scaffolding products at all its branches. On its list of products are acrow props, wall form panels, ISMC channels, column formworks, acro spans, MS plates, scaffolding wheels, clamps, rollings, cuplock verticals, ledgers, ladders, toe boards, pins, planks, pipes, wheels, spanners and whatnot. That aside, the company has a whole range of aluminum scaffolding products that are widely rented by builders.
In addition to that, the company also offers a range of services namely manufacturing, purchasing, exporting, repairing, reconditioning and such. As a premier scaffolding manufacturers,, the company is dedicated to making quality products that are heavy-duty, long-lasting and offers great value for money. In short, they are committed to making it possible for builders to knock off some extra cost and save more.
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Name – Mr. DP Goel
Address – V.P.O – Gadauli, Pataudi Road, Near H.P. Petrol Pump, Gurugram
Contact No – 91-844 775 6018
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