Spice are essential ingredients of our food and eatables. But their use is not limited to food only. It serves many other functions in industry like preservative. Ingredients of spice are extracted and used in various application in food industry. Oils and other ingredients are obtained from spice for various uses. Oils are extracted as concentrated viscous liquids form of the spices. They can be extracted with non-aqueous solvents followed by removal of the solvent by vacuum distilation. These spice derivatives have the same character, flavour and property of the spice it is obtained from. It contains both the volatile and non volatile constituents of the spices. They fully reproduce the character of the respective spice and spice oils. Oils can replace whole/ground spices without impairing any flavour and aroma characteristic. Spice oil guarantee superior quality of flavour & aroma and are complete and balanced, consistent and standardised.