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If you’re looking for sanitary napkins that are good for your body, environment, and community, look no further than GO GIRL sanitary napkins.

Every woman goes through the painful period days every month. Sanitary napkins are the best friend for women in those days. Besides protecting a woman during the toughest days of the month, sanitary napkins do a lot of wonders in a woman’s life. Many women who have access to use sanitary pads don’t have much option in changing the brand of pads, because they don’t know which are good and which are not.

While sanitary napkins are a standard go-to when it comes to dealing with your period, some can cause more problems than they solve. In fact, a lot of sanitary products contain fragrances and chemicals that can be harsh on your skin. To keep your skin safe and your period in check, you need the best sanitary napkins for sensitive skin.

GO GIRL sanitary napkins are totally chemical-free, and are unscented as well, making them less likely to irritate your skin. These pads are made from super softer materials to prevent any uncomfortable rubbing or chafing. Its main features include super absorbent polymer which quickly absorbs large amount of fluid, and keeps the area dry and clean. Elastic side gathering prevents leakage. GO GIRL sanitary napkins’ more absorption capacity reduces the task of changing the pads frequently and its wide adhesive strip ensures secure fit.

Sanitary napkins save you from the unwanted odour. While ways to control the flow can be effective, bad odour is a common problem faced by most ladies. Using sanitary napkins by GO GIRL can surely help in eliminating this odour completely. GO GIRL sanitary napkins are perfume-free and unbleached. Their all natural materials are carefully chosen for sensitive skin and lasting comfort. No more itching and rashes.

Indeed sanitary napkins can do amazing wonders in a woman’s life. At GO GIRL their pads are long lasting and will offer you absolute comfort and relaxation.


GO GIRL is a social enterprise and manufacturing company that makes eco-friendly hygiene products. Their mission is to create hygiene products that are good for the body, environment, and community.

GO GIRL specializes, discovers, sources and sells products which are not commonly available in the general market, but which make lives of people much easier, safer, healthier and more fun.

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