Ever wondered why you get so much attached to the superheroes Marvel has created? Maybe because you’ve seen them in theatres saving lives, with their supernatural and superhuman powers that no doubt, amazes you! Most of the people don’t even know that there are various characters out there created by comic houses of Nigeria, that are gaining recognition in the African comic, Nigeria as well as other continents of the world. Yes, we can blame Nollywood a little for not being able to film these superheroes, but the stories they tell are worth reading. We will here discuss some of the stories that our Nigeran superheroes say!

Let’s start with the story of Strike Guard: An undergraduate at the University of Lagos, Abolaji gets killed by some cultists. After killing him, they throw him away in a well same as Ajagbeja, who was a general of the Sango army in ancient times. You might have heard about lost souls which wander around due to some purpose, the same happens with Ajagbeja’s soul. When he encounters Abolaji’s soul, they make a deal and then Ajagbeja’s soul gets a chance to live again in Abolaji’s body. The story is based on future adventures Abolaji goes on with the powers he acquired through Ajagbeja’s soul!

Here comes another interesting story of Avonome: A village girl who was born in 1937, in the Edo state, in the remote village of Etunor, suddenly disappears without even a trace and then reappears in recent times. She returns without any memory of her past, even forgetting where she was all this while, except her name, a mysterious companion and an unbelievable gift – the ability to see spirits.

Guardian Prime would be your next choice for a Nigerian comic, being one of the most popular characters amongst all of them recently. He is the fifth element, being one of the five essentials of them necessary for life on earth. Tunde Jaiye can be said the perfect man to exist on Earth created by the Almighty, in his intentions to create man. Given that he can do everything a normal man can do, just that it is magnified to almost godlike levels. He is believed to be the Guardian born every 2000 years to the human race as customary.

Another interesting story is that of Ireti: The story began decades ago in the Yoruba Kingdom when a desperate king makes a deal with a deity and results in the birth of this super warrior child, Ireti. Super warrior as she is called, is because she grows into a mighty warrior with powers that outbrave normal man easily, leading armies to battle, conquering kingdoms, saving and protecting her people from skurks. The tale continues to generations, her legend is one not carried by cowards and her might is one no evil dares question.

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