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BASE jumping is one of the most dangerous adventure sport. As with the other adventure sports, the thrill increases with the risk involved and BASE jumping ranks the highest among the high-risk sports. It needs intensive training so as to minimize the risk and maximize the thrill.

Tandem Base Jump is the way for all and everyone to experience this fun and adrenaline filled unique sport. In Tandem Base Jumping, an expert base jumper jumps in a duo along with another jumper. By doing so, a novice jumper gets to experience base jumping without undergoing any training or learning camps rigorous schedule. If someone wants to jump solo, then the person would have to undergo rigorous training, that would take some time and money. But are you ready to spend that type of time and money for one jump, if yes then go for it, and if no, then go for the Tandem Base Jump.

Skydiving Idaho is known for the various tandem jumps. Be it the Tandem Parachute Jumps in the Tandem Skydiving Jump, tandem jumping is the fastest and safest way to experiencing BASE jump. So either you can go through a training session and still keep high risks to experience base jumping by doing solo jumps, or you can choose Tandem Base Jump wherein you jump with an experienced jumper and minimize the risks.

Idaho has a number of sites which can be used in the base jump. Skydiving In Idaho is a wonderfully memorable experience. You can pot for parachute jumps or skydiving jumps from the numerous peaks. The professional Tandem Base Jumping experts would give you a number of options to choose from. The rocky high rise mountains provide the perfect platform for base jumps. A word of caution though, If you are an adventure tourist and not well trained in base jumps then you should choose Tandem Base Jump or rather choose to stay put, than risking your life.