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Saket, New Delhi – June 27, 2019 – Chronic liver disease occurs throughout the world no matter what your age, gender, race, or region. In fact, according to reports, liver disease rates are only steadily increasing over the years. A sedentary lifestyle, obesity, and increased alcohol consumption all contribute towards making India the world capital of liver diseases. The Center for Liver and Biliary Services understands that sometimes things are beyond an individual’s control, but whether a person could be able to avoid the condition, their liver is in or not, it makes certain it is the best pediatric liver transplant hospital to offer any kind of treatment one requires.

Whether it is Hepatitis A or E, a viral liver disease that can lead to mild or severe illness, Hepatitis B, a common liver infection caused by the Hepatitis B virus, acute liver failure or alcoholic liver disease, the center makes certain patients obtain the best treatment plan available through the help of medical counseling, transplant operation, and even emergency services if required. It has the best liver transplant surgeon in India, who guides the team to deliver the most holistic patient care required.

About the Center for Liver and Biliary Services
The Center for Liver and Biliary Services at Max Super Specialty Hospital is one of the largest liver transplant programs of the world. It possesses a cumulative experience of over 2,500 liver transplant operations and focuses on delivering individualized patient treatment based on the nature of the disease. It has steadily earned a reputation for being the best hospital for liver treatment in Delhi and even addresses gastrointestinal diseases and other kinds of health-related problems one may have. For further information, individuals can get in touch with the hospital by giving them a call or read up more about it on the website.