At a Glance!
Start-Up: Wooden Street
Founders: Lokendra Ranawat, Virendra Ranawat
Year It was Founded: 2015
Location: Udaipur
Section: Furniture E-Commerce
Unique Selling Point: Custom Made Furniture

For those who do not want to see their employees unsatisfied and complaining, then it is essential to provide them with the comfiest aura. The comfiest aura starts with an office chair that is the most comfortable for the employees to sit on.

Wooden Street has thus instigated assortments of office chairs with varied designs and features added to it. For every post, every place and every cabin, Wooden Street has office chairs that can serve the place well.

Each of the office chairs online at Wooden Street is either made out of fabric, nylon or leatherette. Some are in a black finish, or some are in brown finish. This makes it an extremely sober and ideal office chair range for a modern office. Exclusive features along make it even easier to choose, some of which are mentioned below:

Moving Office Chairs:
Many of the cubicles and cabins demand an office chair that can be easily moved. It is especially meant for those with the L-shaped office table where their files and folders are spread from one place to another.

Here, moving office chairs such as Elise Low Back Office Chair from Wooden Street is all that is needed. Such office chairs have spider legs with wheels below. This makes it easily movable and thus can be shifted to roll around the entire table.

Adjustable Office Chairs:
Since heights of people vary from tall to short, the heights of the office chairs also need to vary. But customizing each office chair as per the employee sounds impossible. It is here that adjustable office chairs come in the role.

For instance, Wooden Street has Clipper Mid Back Mesh Office Chair. This office chair has adjustable gear, which lets one manipulate the height of the chair. So, the office chair can go from the tallest to the shortest. Thus, being easy for every person to sit on and adjust the height accordingly.

Without Armrest Office Chairs:
A compact space always demands that maximum people can be settled in the minimum space. So, certain office chairs are sleek, small, and without armrests. But even being without armrests, its comfort is never hindered.

Take the example of Fross low back office chair from Wooden Street, which is one such office chair without armrest. But being cushioned, it is completely snugly, and the size is sufficient for anyone. This makes a chair without armrest comfy and easy to fit in a small space.

Upholstered Office Chairs:
To add to an office chair that is as comfortable as a sofa chair, some of the office chairs are completely upholstered.

Exemplary to it is Slate office chair from Wooden Street. This office chair is one that has a thinly upholstered backrest and a cushioned seat. This gives a feel of a sofa chair even within an office.

Executive Office Chairs:
For the boss of the office, there has to be a special office chair which gives the most of comfort and vibe of a boss.

Just like Wooden Street has Columbus High Back Executive Chair. This is completely upholstered with leatherette, and the tall backrest and distinct forging give a complete feel of the executive.

Along with this wide and diverse range with so many features, Wooden Street also offers easy “customization” so that one can manipulate the size and design as per the demand of the workplace.


The aforementioned are some of the office chairs that Wooden Street has. Each of the office chairs has features that make it serviceable for a comfy workplace.