Have you ever asked yourselves,
“When was the last time you went on an adventure with your favorite superhero?”, “When was the last time you sat down and imagined a different world of fiction?”, “Do you even remember the last story that you read” or
“Did you forget the character you wanted to be when you grew up?”,

I am assuming you have not been an avid reader since long. And that you are not spending time with the characters you used to love at some point in your lives. So now let me ask you a few questions,
“Don’t you miss them?”, “Do you not want to read more such interesting stories?”, “Would you be able to find the time for all these?”, if not have you ever pondered on the facts that “How have you been so busy?”, “What made you so busy?”, “Is it the present scenario that is not letting you enjoy your leisure?”, or “Do your friends think you’re still a kid to read comics and make fun of you for the same fact?” or “You don’t even want to go to the time when you used to be free from all the stress and read something out of interest?”

If you are intrigued by the above questions and thinking if you can still do all that you used to do in your childhood, then you have come to the right place. And even if you still think that you’re very busy in your life and would not be able to read more then I will tell you how you can do all that deftly. I realize that being an adult comic reader might come to you as a socially not acceptable interest, but you know what! No one can ever judge you for loving Superman or choosing him over Ronaldo because it’s all about the choices that you make and the interests that you have built since you were a child. If you choose movies over books, fine. But you need to realize the importance of reading comics as it is a way to relax that doesn’t even harm. You need to get along with the fact that not just your social media apps but the books out there need to be addressed. It’s not that you will be judged for reading comics, but it will give you immense happiness when you feel relaxed and the comic stories will remind of your childhood days!