Which ladies sandals are the best for summer 2019? I dived into the collections and found the best sandals trends for you in 2019. From ethnic sandals, basic sandals to platform sandals: these are the sandals that will be on your feet in 2019. Which of these ladies sandals do you want for the summer?

Find the nicest ladies sandals

In the trend image for the summer, you see a lot of bamboo, linen and ethnic prints. Appropriate sandals naturally belong to such clothes. You can find it easily this summer. For example, you can opt for a pair of a brown lad of sandals, preferably with straps. Or go for a pair of ethnic sandals or wedges. Are you more of the basic? Then minimalist sandals are the trend for you.

3x sandal trends

Ethnic sandals
Minimalist sandals
Platform sandals

Ethnic sandals
Ethnically, I think of sandals influenced by other cultures. For example, colorful sandals are part of this trend, but also printed women’s sandals and leather sandals with straps. These women’s sandals fit perfectly within the desert vibe that you will find in the collections this season.

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Minimalist sandals
Not the frills? Then you can buy a pair of basic brown or black ladies sandals. You can also enjoy these sandals for a long time because they are less likely to go out of fashion.

Plateau sandals
Do you also wear fewer and fewer heels? You are not alone. But luckily you can also win a few centimeters with other shoes. In addition to platform sneakers, plateau or platform sandals, the trend is this season. For example, you can wear such platform sandals together with a maxi skirt or maxi dress for a summery, feminine look. Platform sandals are not the same as wedges. With a pair of wedges, your heel is higher than your toes, while with platform sandals the sole is the same everywhere.