Set up the bathroom
The bathroom is often a sick child in the house. This space is worth tackling! Organizing a bathroom does, of course, have to be exaggerated, but create a beautiful area with a pleasant atmosphere. After a busy day, it is lovely to take a moment for yourself in the bathroom. Relax in the bath with a hot cup of tea or take the time for a big shower in the shower.

Bathroom colors and materials
White tiles and uninviting sanitary ware is passé. Choose deeper colors and decorative elements in the bathroom that match your living style. This way, you make the room extra attractive and cozy.

Faucets and accessories are becoming more critical. They are not only economical, but many brands offer you a difference in model and color. From round, square to gold, copper or black. With this, you set accents in your favorite shapes and hues. You can also increasingly show your style in the choice of materials in a bathroom. For this, oriental, pattern tiles, and mosaic walls are beautiful to add a little more color and motif.

Natural stone such as marble and dark limestone fits the interior and bathroom trends of the moment. It gives the bathroom a luxurious look. Tile brands capitalize on this and reproduce these motifs on modern materials, making maintenance easier. Stains do not penetrate, and limescale can easily be removed.

The tiles. It gives the walls a robust stucco look and can be selected in almost any shade. Outstanding is a competent professional who has sufficient knowledge and experience with the application. View the colors in advance so that you make the right choice.

Bath or shower

Manufacturers come up with sustainable solutions for materials and in water use. So the latest faucets and showers are economical and comfortable. It is, therefore, worth replacing the old shower head.

A bath is a beautiful place to spend extra time in the bathroom. The tub may also get attention. Compare the variants and choose a beautiful shower that becomes the bathroom honorary catcher. That makes a big difference.

Is there no room for a bath? Enlarge the shower a bit and place a rain shower. There is more room for care under the shower, and the shower provides even more relaxation. Ideal with small children, so that extra space is created to play.

Last but not least: the styling . Give the bathroom some beautiful accessories such as towels, the soap pump, a beautiful plant, and a few candles for extra warmth.

In this way, the bathroom is created where you feel at home and can enjoy extra. Lots of fun!
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